Spectrum Noir

Launched in 2012, Spectrum Noir brings a fresh and innovative approach to the established art and colouring category.

At the heart of the brand is a determination to make premium art materials accessible to all, providing affordable and high-quality supplies for beginner colourists, experienced artists and everyone in between.

The product range offers a complete colour media line-up including alcohol and water-based markers, specialist glitter markers, metallic pens, inkpads and more. 

This inclusive and accessible brand has been carefully curated to help all ages and abilities on their creative journey. 

Markers and Pens

Spectrum Noir’s marker range is unrivalled for variety, quality and value. 

The dual-ended Classique alcohol marker is a reimagined classic, providing flawless coverage and seamless blended effects, while the premium Illustrator brush marker puts artistic performance within easy reach, with controlled curves and expressive flicks of colour.

Combining sleek ergonomics with artist-grade inks and premium Japanese-engineered nibs, every Spectrum Noir marker has been meticulously designed to deliver a professional result every time. 

To ensure a lifetime of creative use, while minimising the environmental impact of waste material, Classique and Illustrator markers are refillable and benefit from fully replaceable nibs. 

With an ever-expanding supporting line-up of glitter, metallic, fine-line and paint-pens, there is a Spectrum Noir marker pen for every creative hobby or project.

TriBlend and TriColour 3-in-1

Spectrum Noir’s TriBlend and TriColour markers are a true game-changer for artists and colourists. Their innovative 3-in-1 design means now anyone of any ability can achieve an artistic result. While enjoying the portable convenience of  three colours in one. 

TriBlend offers three blendable shades within each pen, that combine effortlessly to produce a smooth seamless blend with stunning depth and realistic dimension.

While TriColour Aqua holds three expertly chosen water-soluble colours that can be mixed to make new colours or simply enjoyed as a convenient watercolour palette.

Aqua Markers

Spectrum Noir Aqua markers offer smooth, vibrant coverage that blends away effortlessly with water. They are perfect for on-the-go watercolour sketching or for less experienced artists who want to explore and learn the effects of water-based media. Each marker is dual-tipped with a flexible nib for brush-like coverage and a precision fine-point for accurate detailing.


Whether you need sharp smear-proof detail, clean crisp layers or vivid blendable colour, there’s a Spectrum Noir inkpad for every creative occasion. With variations including Quick-Dry, Water-Reactive, Opaque and Metallic Pigment, these inkpads are an everyday must-have for the craft-room.

Colouring Pencils

Spectrum Noir’s coloured pencils feature premium artist-quality pigments to ensure outstanding coverage with superior light-fastness and blendability. 

The brand’s ColourBlend range features wax-based coloured pencils that are perfect for layering and blending. They are ideal for colouring and sketching or for adding definition to marker work.  

Spectrum Noir’s AquaBlend pencils are fully water-soluble and can be used in a wide array of artistic watercolour effects including subtle tints and gradations.

Discovery Kits

Handpicked by a team of talented artists and professionals, Spectrum Noir’s Discovery Kits and Advanced Discovery Kits are the perfect way to get started in art or expand your creative horizons with a new technique.  


Each kit combines hints, tips, colourable designs and step-by-step instruction from a professional artist, with all of the essential tools needed to master a new artform. From illustration and colouring to calligraphy and comic-art; there’s a Discovery Kit to suit every interest. 


Innovative collaborations with trailblazers are crucial to Spectrum Noir. We are excited to partner with amazing artist and global YouTube star Jazza to create exclusive collections. 

The limited edition boxes feature a carefully-curated collection of art supplies – all handpicked by Jazza himself to seamlessly reflect his own unique style.

Available for a limited time only, each launch has everything you need to take inspiration from this amazing industry-leading artist to sketch, colour and find your own style. 

Artists and colourists alike will know Australian-based artist Jazza from his YouTube channel, Draw with Jazza. As well as creating inspiring and fun tutorials, Jazza likes to challenge himself to try new things in the world of art and creativity – making his one of the most popular and best-loved channels worldwide!

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